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Connect to your true nature

Manoj is a 200 RYT in Hatha yoga, 100 RYT in Classical Kundalini, 110 RYT in Yin Yoga and 25 RYT in Pranayama teacher, Ayurvedic Therapist and Gong practitioner based in Birmingham.

His exposure to yoga began by observing the commitment level his parents enjoyed religiously to traditional Hatha yoga and pranayama, and seeing the positive impact it had on their health and overall outlook.

Coming from a background of having various health conditions and being a former teacher in school, Manoj took a change in direction in life and embarked on a healing journey to use yoga as a way to nourish the mind and body, to free himself from stress and depression, along with the residual effects of cancer.

After many trips to India for exploration and study, in 2018, he spent 2 months living in Rishikesh, India, in the Himalayas. Manoj used this as a means to develop himself, and bring teachings back to the west to share with students to encourage them to be best possible version of themselves. While honouring his culture and heritage, yoga has become his life, allowing him to continue to support those he comes in contact with to live to their full potential and aid transformation.

Manoj teaches Hatha yoga classes that combine ancient aspects of traditional and classical yoga such asana, pranayama, mantra, yogic wisdom and meditation and bring them into a modern age, accessible to all, creating an authentic experience for all yogis, filled with happiness and bliss.  

In this time, Manoj also completed teacher training in yin yoga, and teaches and provides grounding yin yoga and nidra classes and workshops with the focus being placed on taking the student on a journey of self discovery and realisation in class. What drew him to this slow and meditative practice many years ago, was to use this form of yoga to release deep emotions, improving flexibility of the joints, and targeting the connective tissues, empathising stillness and stability.

Manoj has a keen interest in using the elements of nature to reflect the cycles of the body, along with using ying/yang pairs of organs to explore during yin yoga classes. Manoj had held various yin yoga workshops using sound and yoga nidra at various studios, to delve deeper into this philosophy and provide enriching experience for yogis.  

Promoting the importance of having a yin practice and yang (hatha) practice as they are understood to be two opposite and interdependent energies at the foundation of health in order to help us be resilient and facilitate growth in our bodies, is something Manoj is passionate about.

Music and singing has been a constant in Manoj’s life during his time in India and spending time in temples in his youth. He leads Kirtan, which is the sacred group chanting of mantra, and plays harmonium, helping to bring the community together, bringing joy to peoples’ lives.

Now he has been able to combine the healing sounds of the gong to create special and nourishing monthly sound baths which have been gratefully received by the community.

Manoj has taught uplifting and energetic classes across many festivals and retreats over the last year sharing his knowledge with wide groups of people across the Midlands. He has also organised charity events in the community to spread the benefits of yoga and to raise money for disadvantaged children in India helping fund them throughout their school life. This is a school that he visited in India and a cause close to his heart.

Manoj's classes are uplifting, transformative and playful and he believes in taking yoga to the people, while creating a balance and harmony to their lives, especially to those who have never stepped on the mat before.

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