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What People Say

Attending any one of Manoj’s classes is always a joy. He has such a unique and divinely inspired way of teaching and sharing yoga. Each aspect of his class is carefully and lovingly woven together in a way that truly revives and inspires not just in body, but mind, body and soul.

Having had an exceptionally difficult year last year, discovering Manoj’s classes was like a much-needed gulp of fresh air and we have been attending his classes as often as we can over the last five months. No matter how bad or overwhelmed I may have felt before a class last year, I always left feeling renewed, refreshed and smiling and more like my happy, connected self again. Like someone just switched the lights back on!

Manoj’s New Year’s Yin Yang workshop was perfectly timed. I knew it was the end of a difficult year, time to let go of the old and embrace everything positive the new year and a whole new decade might hold. The workshop really was a soulfully created gift: a wonderful opportunity to release what needed to be left behind, in order to envision, energise and allow the new and inspired to come flowing in.

Manoj crafted so many elements into a beautifully cohesive yogic tapestry. There is also something truly magical in the healing gift of sound that Manoj uses in his classes and that he used in this workshop. You are literally immersed in healing vibrations that can only bring a smile to your face!

That such a diverse group of people can share so many smiles and so much laughter throughout such a workshop is a real testament to the kind of yoga teacher that Manoj is. He is genuine and approachable, and encourages you to feel comfortable no matter what your challenge or level of expertise, yet he still challenges and inspires. His gift as a yoga teacher is that everything he does flows in such a naturally inspired and unique, yet gracefully effortless way.

Such a wonderful example of how to practice yoga …  to do life … and to just be …

It has been a couple of weeks since the new year’s workshop, and I am feeling a whole lot lighter and more energised and peaceful … very much inspired and ready for the new year - and the whole new decade! Thank you, Manoj.
(P.S. The mantra you shared with us has gone onto the vision board we made for 2020!)


I really enjoyed the New Year Yin Yang workshop with Manoj. His technique is very inspiring. It has left me with a feeling of wanting to explore more of myself through yoga and a revived new look into a new decade through releasing what is not needed in my life and inviting what I would like more of in the future.

Being relatively new to yoga Manoj has me feel comfortable in the setting he provides in his own unique way. I am really excited about the different aspects of what I experienced in the class, especially the yin, and in how I understand letting go, and holding a pose for longer to release tension or trauma from the past. This has started to happen to me in the form of vivid memories.

I also enjoyed the more energising yang movement and the setting of intentions by putting them down on paper and visualising them through meditation. Finishing with yoga nidra , sound and chanting of mantras left me feeling at peace:  blissful and and energised in the present moment and ready to apply my practice in my community and in the future.
Much gratitude,


Manoj’s passion for yoga and eagerness to both teach and learn from his fellow yogis makes his classes a real joy. Manoj artfully brings together the 8 elements of yoga to offer opportunities for growth and expansion, creating a truly holistic practice suitable for all levels of experience. Manoj brings a sense of community to every class or workshop, allowing yogis to connect to each other and their yoga practice. I have been attending Manoj’s classes for over a year now and I’ve learnt how to allow the breath to guide my practice, and how to appreciate what my body is capable of on any given day, rather than focusing on achieving certain postures. I highly recommend you attend one of Manoj’s classes and experience the magic for yourself.


I just wanted to write to you to tell you how much I have enjoyed and benefited from your Element workshops. Before the Metal workshop, I was feeling tired and sluggish as we entered winter and at the time of the Water workshop we had received several bits of upsetting news and were going through a stressful time. In both cases, the deep, nourishing and opening nature of the Yin practice, the time to slow down and reflect and develop my own mantra and the soothing and healing nature of the breath work and sound bath really benefited me physically and mentally. Your gentle nature and wise words enrich the workshops and create a safe space. After the Metal workshop I felt re-energized for the week following the workshop and after the Water workshop I felt calmer and stronger. Thank you, and I am looking forward to attending another workshop with you soon.


I have practised yoga on and off (mostly off) for several years and discovered Manoj’s candlelit yin class at a time when I was returning to yoga after many years away.  My earlier relationship with yoga was solely motivated by exercise but this time around I wanted to create space for myself both mentally and physically.  I did not know what Yin was and turned up for a trial, feeling tired and tight one Friday evening. 

Manoj’s gentle instruction, the candlelight and the music made for a wonderful, restorative experience that was deeply meditative. I left feeling lighter and longer and the class became a firm favourite in my weekly schedule. Every week my practise brings up something new .  This is can be humbling sometimes but I feel safe under Manoj’s teaching. 

To enhance my practise I have attended two Yin Workshops led by Manoj, each focussing on a different element and meridian.  They have included music, readings and sound healing and have allowed me to go much deeper into my practise than I could in a sixty minute class.  They are an immersive experience where taking time out feels like time well spent.

Since starting Yin, I find I have much more space in my poses in other yoga classes.  The biggest impact though has been the space created in my mind.  In a culture of go-go-go, Yin is the perfect antidote to ‘gains’ and ‘goals’.  It has encouraged me to slow down, go within and listen to what I really need.


You help each of us, in different ways... no matter how I'm feeling, I look forward to your classes and walk away feeling fresh and restored (and as though I've had a work out too). You bring us both peace and energy... - your classes are great and we are lucky to have you... - Also, you are so so humble - and yet, great at what you do.


Manoj's teachings are passionate, encouraging, and friendly. He provides a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, and genuinely cares for his students and their practice. Every time I go to Manoj's classes I leave feeling more revitalised and more at peace with myself and the world. He's a great teacher and wonderful person, and is clearly extremely knowledgeable and invested in yoga for everyone, and happy to guide each student through their practices as individuals on different journeys.


Manoj is such a knowledgeable teacher who is genuinely passionate about what he teaches. He takes time to offer advice and adjustments where needed to ensure the class is tailored to each individual and genuinely wants the people who come to his classes to have the best experience possible, leaving completely relaxed and with a smile on their face.


Thank you for being such a great teacher who always delivers the best with such positivity and greatness. Keep up the excellent work I love it!


Manoj is an incredible Yoga Teacher with so much wisdom, knowledge and personality. You can tell how much he cares for his students which is beautiful. I felt like a new person after my class with Manoj, thank you so much for the class! I will definitely practise more with you!


Manoj is a super knowledgeable passionate yoga teacher especially with the Yin practice. He teaches from his heart and gives freely to others…..


Manoj is an excellent teacher. He skilfully makes the yoga experience fun yet spiritual. He has a relaxed style with really clear instructions. I highly recommend his classes.


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